Why Grab a Cuppa 1.0 failed

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet!
Today's post is all about why my first blog was a massive fail!

If you have been a long time follower of my Twitter, then you will know that I have attempted this blogging shit multiple times and just when I thought I had cracked it, it failed big time and here is why!
  1. I didn't treat it like a business from the get-go, which made me too laid back 
  2. I would post for the sake of posting 
  3. I didn't write with any passion 
  4. I pretended to be something I wasn't  
  5. I followed the trends 
  6. I spammed peoples socials with post promotions 
  7. I wasn't consistent at all 
  8. I didn't try to get involved in the blogging community 
  9. I published posts I wasn't happy with
  10. When I realised that blogging was something I wanted to do full time I tried too hard and then got sick 
The list was a lot longer than I thought... I just hope that you can all learn from my mistakes!