The happy list

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet!
Today's post I'm going to be writing a happy list, a little list of things that you can do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling down or just not quite right. This post is inspired by my own personal happy list that I keep in my notes on my phone or in the back of my diary for something to refer to when my anxiety is really bad or I'm really down. 

A 'happy list' is helpful for when you are struggling to clear your mind and think rationally about things, it's a little backup for when it's difficult to see that there still is happiness and good around you when everything feels bad and you feel down or anxious. 
  1. Speak to a loved one or a friend
  2. Eat your favourite food
  3. Shower and get changed either into clean PJ's or some clothes
  4. Watch a film that was a childhood favourite
  5. Spend time with a loved one or friend 
  6. Buy some flowers 
  7. Make yourself a hot chocolate or any other warm drink to feel all cosy
Leave a comment of some of the things you would put on your own personal happy list!