How Grab a Cuppa 2.0 is going to be different

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet!

Today's blog post is going to explain how this attempt at blogging is going to be different from the last few tries. 
I have had my fair few shares of failed blogs in the 5 years that I have been blogging, so correct me if I am wrong but by now I know what I need to do differently and how to actually get somewhere in this profession. 
  1. I will be 100% me, not changing to fit in with society or the blogging community. I will be anxious, life loving Niamh from Sunderland 100% of the time! 
  2. If I do not have anything worthwhile to say I will not be tweeting or blogging for the sake of it. 
  3. I will be treating blogging like a job and profession 
  4. My photography game is getting upped thanks to my lovely boyfriend who takes the best pictures of me!
  5. This is real life! Life is tough, I won't be hiding any of my struggles from my blog. 

Is there anything you think I should be doing differently this time around?