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Ghetto Golf Newcastle (review)

Hi guys and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet!

Date night! Most weeks Instagram is flooded with couples of out for 'date night' and I'm guilty of contributing to this usually going for food, beach walks, cinema or generally just spending time together. However, this week my boyfriend and I went to Ghetto Golf in Newcastle.

Described as a crazy gold course like no other, Ghetto Golf is an eighteen-hole crazy golf course for strictly over 18s with the perfect mix of UV paint, themed holes, cocktails and music.

Ghetto golf aims to bring a unique experience whether it's a date night with a difference, birthday gathering or lads night, they've got you covered!

  •  Amazing music 
  • Even better cocktails 
  • Package deals 
  • Good food

I booked a 9:15 slot, got dressed up and my boyfriend and I drove through to Newcastle, we haven't really done 'date night' as such since we enjoy comfy clothes and exploring new places or just simply enjoying each others company but we fancied a change. 

The standard price of admission is £10 per person however, you can book packages up to £30 per person to add drink vouchers to your tickets. We booked the £15 admission, we each got one selected drink off the menu below. I was surprised at just how many drinks were on this menu and didn't feel as if I was ripped off with my 'selected drinks' choice. 

Although we were booked in to start playing golf at 9:15pm with didn't actually begin playing until 10:30pm. Over an hour after our booking, on arrival at 8:30pm, we were informed that they had been two large groups in before us meaning that there was a small delay but that would have evened its self out since it was our turn to begin playing. 

Although we had a wait it didn't put a dampener on our night, the staff kept us updated and were doing everything they could to keep things moving and making sure that everyone was okay. Staff kept us checking in to let us know that they hadn't forgotten about us and we would be playing soon.  

Our wait just meant that we would get to try the food! It tasted amazing, a little pricey for what it was but tasted really nice! 

Once we finally got on the golf course it was as if there had been no wait at all! 
  • It didn't feel cramped or busy even though they were people playing at each hold
  • There was little to no wait between holes 
  • Although each hole was a completely different theme the holes flowed well
  • Playing the golf itself didn't last too long but wasn't too short either at just under an hour to complete the whole course

Finally, date night was a success and I would 100% recommend Ghetto Golf! 

Have you been to any other really good date night spots? Share them in the comments! 


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