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The benefits of having a solid night-time and morning routine

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Routines , everyone is talking about them! This one claims to have the ultimate morning routine, another one says that you should get up at 5am and then there's me! Little ol' me, jumping on the routines bandwaggon but with the facts and important stuff! Having a solid nighttime routine, in my opinion, is more important and beneficial than a morning routine. So, what does a night-time routine actually achieve?  Let's your body and mind know that it is time to wind down and shut off which in turn helps you to gain more sleep and if not more a better quality sleep with a lot less tossing and turning.  You will often find that your mornings will run smooth, like crazy smooth! Your body clock with naturally fall into its own routine and soon waking up groggy to an alarm will be a thing of the past, your body clock will come at you in full force. You will easily fall asleep even when you are in a diff

Ghetto Golf Newcastle (review)

Hi guys and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Date night! Most weeks Instagram is flooded with couples of out for 'date night' and I'm guilty of contributing to this usually going for food, beach walks, cinema or generally just spending time together. However, this week my boyfriend and I went to Ghetto Golf in Newcastle. Described as a crazy gold course like no other, Ghetto Golf is an eighteen-hole crazy golf course for strictly over 18s with the perfect mix of UV paint, themed holes, cocktails and music. Ghetto golf aims to bring a unique experience whether it's a date night with a difference, birthday gathering or lads night, they've got you covered!  Amazing music  Even better cocktails  Package deals  Good food I booked a 9:15 slot, got dressed up and my boyfriend and I drove through to Newcastle, we haven't really done 'date night' as such since we enjoy comfy clothes and exploring new places or just

The happy list

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Today's post I'm going to be writing a happy list, a little list of things that you can do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling down or just not quite right. This post is inspired by my own personal happy list that I keep in my notes on my phone or in the back of my diary for something to refer to when my anxiety is really bad or I'm really down.  A 'happy list' is helpful for when you are struggling to clear your mind and think rationally about things, it's a little backup for when it's difficult to see that there still is happiness and good around you when everything feels bad and you feel down or anxious.  Speak to a loved one or a friend Eat your favourite food Shower and get changed either into clean PJ's or some clothes Watch a film that was a childhood favourite Spend time with a loved one or friend  Buy some flowers  Make yourself a hot chocolate or any

The ultimate 12 before 12

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Today's blog post is a list that helps everyone's morning run smoothly, well, as long as you get up before 12pm that is! When I was scrolling through Pinterest I have seen lots of little list infographics of things that "should be achieved" by 7am, 8am, 9am and so on. In my opinion, this isn't real life, somedays you sleep past 7, 8 and even 9 so I put together a more realistic list. Checking everything off this list daily will help your morning, no matter what time you get up, run more smoothly. Shower Teeth  Get dressed Make your bed Eat  Practice some form of self-care or meditation  Open your window(s) Speak with a loved one  Leave the house, even if it's just to sit in the garden for 10 minutes  Tidy round  Have the day's tasks/goals started  And finally the most important! HAVE A CUPPA What's on your list of things to do before 12pm?

How Grab a Cuppa 2.0 is going to be different

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Today's blog post is going to explain how this attempt at blogging is going to be different from the last few tries.  I have had my fair few shares of failed blogs in the 5 years that I have been blogging, so correct me if I am wrong but by now I know what I need to do differently and how to actually get somewhere in this profession.  I will be 100% me, not changing to fit in with society or the blogging community. I will be anxious, life loving Niamh from Sunderland 100% of the time!  If I do not have anything worthwhile to say I will not be tweeting or blogging for the sake of it.  I will be treating blogging like a job and profession  My photography game is getting upped thanks to my lovely boyfriend who takes the best pictures of me! This is real life! Life is tough, I won't be hiding any of my struggles from my blog.  Is there anything you think I should be doing differently this time a

Why Grab a Cuppa 1.0 failed

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Today's post is all about why my first blog was a massive fail! If you have been a long time follower of my Twitter, then you will know that I have attempted this blogging shit multiple times and just when I thought I had cracked it, it failed big time and here is why! I didn't treat it like a business from the get-go, which made me too laid back  I would post for the sake of posting  I didn't write with any passion  I pretended to be something I wasn't   I followed the trends  I spammed peoples socials with post promotions  I wasn't consistent at all  I didn't try to get involved in the blogging community  I published posts I wasn't happy with When I realised that blogging was something I wanted to do full time I tried too hard and then got sick  The list was a lot longer than I thought... I just hope that you can all learn from my mistakes!

What to expect from Grab A Cuppa

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Today's post is going to be all about what to expect when you read Grab a Cuppa, whether you're here just for a little pop by or you are a returning reader. Three posts a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)  Posts posted at the same time (11am) Passion and dedication.  My love and excitement for everything I write about to flood through the screen.  Consistency.  Real life, everything isn't rainbows and unicorns. Is there anything that you want to see from Grab a Cuppa if so leave it in the comments below.

Let me introduce you

Hello and welcome back to my tiny little space on the internet! Today's blog post is going to be all about me. I don't want to draw that  much attention to the person behind the screen but I feel as though it needs to be done. I'm currently studying journalism at the University of Sunderland. As much as I am riddled with anxiety, I don't mind getting in front of the camera. I see a therapist once a week.  I'm in a relationship with my best friend. Yep, I made it out of the friend zone after nearly two years. I love to be organised, yet, I am super messy.  Making friends isn't really something I'm that good at.  I'm currently on a fitness journey. I love to experience new food places.  I'm pretty vain for a fat girl.  I have finally discovered self-love and what it's worth! If you want to see any posts related to anything I have mentioned above then feel free to comment below!